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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Lessons in 'Love'

It would appear Very.co.uk has lost its Love for the Ladies.
Just weeks ago, this Love Label dress was available at a sale price of £20.

That's now been hiked up to £50.
Oops. Sorry; £49, to be precise.

But to soften the blow, I got you something real nice.

TK Maxx has matched the Very cheeky swap with this belted shift dress.
Previously £49.99, it is now on sale for £19.99!!!


But according to this website's little cardio-workout meter, there is a deadline, as they claim to only have TWO dresses left!

See there? On the right?

Look at them, tryna scare us!

There is one thing to take from this story, though.
Well, three, if you count these two finds.
When you see a sale item you like - or even think you might kind of like the next morning - maybe you should kind of think about possibly buying it sort of immediately.

If it arrives and it's not what you were expecting, you can always send it back.
That's what refund policies are for!

You're welcome.

Please note, prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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