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Thursday, 13 January 2011

10 out of 10

Boy are you folks gonna luuurve me!
So with all the craziness of the January sales happening around you and what feels like an age till the next pay day, fear not. Because there are still great bargains out there!

For under £10, to be precise.

Yes, ladies, everything in this post costs less than a tenner.
Who said Christmas was over?

This top from Zara is perhaps the coolest thing I've seen this year; which has so far been all of a fortnight.

Bossy little thing, isn't she?

Next up, still with Zara, we're keeping things happy with this cute T.

Zara's shiny animal T will have you jumping for joy along with its blinged out bunny rabbit.

All now £6.99, reduced from £14.99 – Zara

With Valentine's Day just weeks away, what better way to say, "I love you, Bay-bay!" than this funk-ay tank top... ay?

£8.80 – Forever 21

Courtesy of Forever 21.
Look! He's sharing the love with music!

There's even a couple of foxy outfits that make the Ten grade.

Like this cute cocktail dress by Tesco.

Now £4.80, reduced from £16 – Tesco

This one-shoulder dress is an online exclusive, so don't think you can find this during your next food shop.

Now check out this jumpsuit, also from Tesco.

Now £5.40, reduced from £18 – Tesco

This little hottie is versatile enough to be worn day or night, and is asking ever so politely to be laced with personal touches, such as a chic belt.

Like this one perhaps?

£8 – Boohoo.com

Or this one?

£6 – Boohoo.com

Both these delights are from Boohoo.com.

And now for something a little more comfortable.

Some sexy shirt-dresses from down South.

£4.50 – Very.co.uk

And a little something from La Redoute.

£4 – La Redoute

Forever 21 has this very relaxed yet sexy 'henley' with five buttons to get playful with.

£7.80 – Forever 21

And you haven't heard the last from Zara, with this pair.

Now £9.99, reduced from £19.99 – Zara

Now £9.99, reduced from £19.99 – Zara

Merry Christmas!

I mean, you're welcome.

Please note prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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