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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Me love Millen

Karen Millen is having a sale.

And even better than that, delivery is free!

This metallic tulip skirt is on its way to C3 Towers as you read.

Now £24.95 reduced from £99 – Karen Millen

This soft draped skirt is available in white (pictured) and grey.

Now £24.95 reduced from £99 – Karen Millen

Finally, this gorgeous bejeweled top will go with either one of these skirts or even a hot pair of jeans.
Now £19.95 reduced from £69.95 – Karen Millen

If you find that any of these are unavailable in your size, fear not.
The website has a fantastic feature that lets them email you when your size comes back in stock.
And it actually works. Hence the first item's pending arrival.


Of course, sometimes you only get one chance to buy. You snooze, you lose.
And weep profusely.

It is with great sadness I bring you the metallic tulip skirt's mother hen.

Was £34.95 reduced from £165 when in stock – Karen Millen

Don't cry. Just let it be a lesson to you: there is nothing wrong with impulse buys!

You're welcome.

Please note prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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