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Monday, 14 November 2011

Fancy a new look?

This week's featured movies are courtesy of New Look. To highlight the excitement, check out these gorgeous bargains from the High Street sweetheart.

These Gucci-style outfits scream designer without the scream-inducing price tag (cos' let's face it, ladies, not all of us have that kind of pay packet just yet!).

Mink frill sleeve jumpsuit | New Look £32.99

Belted cutout ponte tunic dress | New Look £21.99

Rubber print tunic | New Look £22.99

Leopard print peeptoe shoes | New Look £19.99

Glitter strap platform heels | New Look £29.99

Suedette cutout block heels | New Look £24.99

Saving Tips
By the way, New Look offers free delivery to your nearest store – as opposed to paying £3.95 upwards – AND 10% off your next purchase! 

It means us having to actually get off our backsides to collect our goodies, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! Stepping out during our lunch break to bag a bargain and getting a bit of fresh air in the process is a pretty sweet deal in my book!

You're welcome.

Please note prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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